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Let’s go into PING’s world

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Konu: Let’s go into PING’s world
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Konu: Let’s go into PING’s world
Mesaj Tarihi: 19.Ocak.2010 Saat 08:30


Ping is one of the famous brands in - golf clubs

area. 460cc titanium head and thin crown technology. the advance skill is the weight and reducing the focus of whirling . in order to improve the speed of the ball, - ping g15 driver

 do its best to keep a consistency on the around of batting. TFC149D high balance point which results in higher ball speeds and increases moment of inertia.

   Which is design of ascending weight technology(AWT) shaft . of couse, it’s - ping g10 irons

 . The large, perimeter-weighted head of the Ping G10 irons feature a new cavity shape and wider sole. The new shafts help increase club head speed in the long irons and add control and consistency to the short irons. - ping rapture v2 irons

 result from Ping's investment in multi-metal technology that combines the key properties of various materials to deliver a club that produces an optimal performance. The incorporation of a deeper Custom Tuning Port with elastomer inserts increases face stability for a solid feel and a uniform response across the whole clubface.

   Welcome you go to a world of PING. To find your world.

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